The year has seen major software trends as the gaps to be filled are observed instantaneously by the analytical tools available. Competition for software updates has been on an all-time high, even amidst the users more than the corporate. Young India wants to see itself updated and always on the verge of improvement and this is what they would like to be identified with. We can see an increase of 8.3 % increase in the spending of the IT industries. Software trends are on the rise to support the notion above, let us look into a few of them.

  1. The outcome of mixed realities

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When the two realities – virtual and augmented are brought together, they constitute a mixed reality. The Augmented Reality (AR) has become popular amongst the crowd as all the smartphone apps are integrated.

The increase in the utility of smartphones comes with the ease of availability and affordable prices. Thus AR and VR technologies have most investors and they do not require the latest hardware specifications to implement them.

The US Army uses Microsoft’s HoloLens’s mixed reality to provide for their military training and Walmart also plans to use this technology to train their employees in customer service and compliance

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI has made possible most of the things that the humans would otherwise think as not possible. AI is a software that is capable of thinking like humans. Therefore the need for inculcating machine learning and deep learning are growing amidst the businesses.

AI provides better solutions to businesses and in turn simplifies their tasks. AI is now being implemented in health care, academics, research, banking, military, etc.

  1. IoT ( Internet of Things)

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IoT generally talks about devices that are connected to the internet. IoT is helping not only the household activities but also the industries. IoT is seeing increased growth in the area of customer experience and safety.

Approximately 90% of the devices we use would be IoT enabled by 2020 as per the estimates of PWC.

Everyone wants a simpler process, a better way than that was previously available. The software trends give a foresight of the better and efficient world ahead. The corporate is looking for people who are willing to learn at all times. The rate at which the software is being introduced and developed, an individual is required to be on their toes to keep in line with the trends and not render themselves obsolete.

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