Latest Technology Trends in India

We are witnessing how fast technology is evolving in India and abroad. With this evolution, everything we were doing can be done faster and with every up gradation, the speed will go exponentially high. Every job requires learning in this 21st century. If not for desire, at least for sustaining the job. Careers that are based on technology don’t usually change at the same rate. But they do change and IT Professionals know it better than everyone else. They know their roles will seldom stay the same. Therefore staying updated with current technology and having foresight about the future trends in technology will help you in performing your job better and sustaining your businesses.

These technological trends are something you need to look out for this year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is the buzz word these days. Since its invention, lives have been changing drastically. The way we live, play and work are majorly affected by AI. AI has been in the picture since the ’50s and has gained wide prominence in recent years. AI is nothing but a computer built to imitate humans by performing tasks such as image and speech recognition as well as  making decisions. AI can perform the above tasks with more agility and accuracy than humans. AI is also broadly known as automation, and since many around the globe have lost jobs because of it, it remains to be a hot topic.AI will create jobs such as developers, programmers, testing, support, etc.

  1. Edge Computing

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Cloud computing has been overtaken by Edge computing. Cloud computing was the main focus among the main players such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. To combat the shortcomings of cloud computing due to the increase in data volumes, Edge computing has been designed. The latency caused by cloud computing to get the data for processing at the data center. Due to this reason, edge computing will be used to work on data that is time-sensitive and can be utilized for remote locations that have little or no connectivity to a central location. Edge computing will enhance the use of IoT devices. This technology will create jobs temporarily.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

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Everything that we use, from earphones to Mobile phones and laptops have WiFi connectivity. This means that they can be connected and as well as the Internet. Hence IoT allows devices, appliances and many other things to be connected with the internet and share data over it.  India is already part of this trend with tracking our fitness, safety, lock homes and switch off ovens from remote locations.

Even though technologies are being invented and evolving across the world, the above three domains offer promising career options. The basic skills you will require to stay updated is to know cloud computing, automation, data analytics, to name a few.

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