Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real World

Applications of artificial intelligence are enhancing in our day today life. Here I am listing some of the important applications of AI.

  • Data Security

data security

In this digital world, cyber attacks are increasing and cyber security professionals are giving more importance to cyber threats.

By using AI bots and other methods, it is possible to prevent security issues arise.

  • Healthcare

artificial intelligence in real world

In healthcare industry, AI can play a vital role to generate large amount of data to train than a human analyst.

Also it can be used for determining diseases, treatments, body conditions etc.

  • Manufacturing

ai in manufacturing

AI can be used to find the microscopic defects occurred in objects.

Robots can be enabled by AI to receive instructions from humans and work accordingly with high productivity.

  • Entertainment

ai in entertainment

As we see Netflix, Amazon, Siri, Gmail they all are using AI to improve user experience and sales.

Amazon can suggest different products according with user behavior.

Netflix knows your likes and dislikes. It has all the records about your likes and so that It can easily suggest more movies, documentaries etc ..

  • Finance

ai in finance

Many finance companies are implementing AI technology to enhance their business growth.

Some companies are using AI algorithm to conduct trading autonomously.

Chat bots are also using in sectors for interacting with customer queries and providing proper information.

So AI is used in many fields to enhance productivity, customer experience, sales, flexibility, reduce time etc.

There are many AI applications in business and in 2019 it is expecting that more and more businesses will implement AI algorithms.

More and more startups are coming with the idea of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning etc.

So it is cleared that, Technology will rule the future and the way we live will change.

Thus by implementing AI, many of our day to day life problems can be solved. So startups should adopt AI to solve people problems. It also helps to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our state.

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